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Hi all –

We are moving out of state soon and we will sadly be leaving our daycare, Carmen’s Pride & Joy. We will be SO sad to leave them so I wanted to pass along the recommendation if anyone is looking for an infant spot!

Carmen (the owner) and the other teachers are incredibly loving, caring, patient and kind. They really treat the kids as one of their own and you can tell how much they love them. After 5 months home exclusively with me, my son was a little “needy” at first, but he adjusted much quicker than I expected and everyone was so patient with him (and me) along the way. It’s the biggest relief knowing he is happy when we drop him off and happy when we pick him up each day! They also send tons of picture and video updates throughout the day which are adorable.

We have felt very safe COVID-wise there and our son has actually never even had the sniffles or a cold, so needless to say the space is very clean and we especially like that the number of kids enrolled is much smaller than a center-based daycare so there is less risk of sickness, COVID or otherwise.